A Goal Setting Workshop

That Actually Works!





What You Get

Instant Action.  We will begin working on your business within 30 minutes of start time.  No long-winded speaches.  Just plenty of hands-on work time for your business.

A Full 12-Month Strategy. You get to develop your goals for the next 12 months plus bombproof them against failure.

A Unique Framework that will turn goal setting (and goal achieving) on its head.


Interaction With Peers just like you who have attained goals just like yours.


Renewed Confidence that you can have the life you want. 


Who is This Workshop For?

Financial Advisors

Property and Casualty Reps

Life Insurance Agents

Graphic Designers

Online businesses of every kind

Retail shop owners

Who is This Workshop For?

Graphic Degsigners

Financial Advisors

Property and Casualty Reps

Life Insurance Agents

Online businesses of every kind

Retail shop owners


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Will I Need to Bring a Computer?

No worries here.  No need to bring a computer. 

I Just Started a Business. Should I Attend?

Yes!  Starting a business can be one of the best decisions of your life when you are in the new-and-fun stage.  Shortly thereafter comes the how-do-I-make-this-a-viable-business stage.  This stage is no fun.  The Renewable Confidence Workshop will help you navigate this stage with far greater ease than most people.  Jason, our founder, wishes he had this very class when he was starting his first business almost 20 years ago.

I Have Been Self-Employed for Years. Is This Workshop for Me?

Yes!  Chances are pretty good that you have set goals that have eluded you for years, no matter how longer you have been in business.  If you have control over your time and your ability to earn an income, then this workshop is for you.

What Do I Get By Attending?

Goal-setting has been oversimplified by the “experts” and often leaves us normal people feeling like we haven’t accomplished enough.  In this workshop, you’ll get a framework for achieving your goals, not just setting them.  Chances are pretty good that you’ve never seen a framework like this.  Many people report that they finally understand why they have been unable to reach the heights that they want.  Armed with this new framework, we move into a part of the workshop where you set a full 12 months worth of goals that are completely doable.

How Can I Get Help After the Workshop?

The Renewable Confidence Signature program is your next step in setting and achieving goals for your business.  This is a 3-year program with annual commitments.  We meet quarterly here in Estes Park, and we can give you all the details when you apply for the program.  Please note that this is an application-based process, there are income requirements, and not everyone is accepted into the program.  We also have a series of resources available in the Renewable Confidence Store.

Where is Your Company Based?

Renewable Confidence, LLC is based in Estes Park, Colorado.